i) Minimum Balance NEW A/c to be open with :
WITH CHEQUE BOOK WEF 01/0/4/2012 Rs. 1000/-
ii) Minimum Balance
iii) No Frills Account / Basic Saving Account Nil.
a Charges for non-maintenance of Minimum Balance Not applicable WEF 01.06.2015.
b Issue of Duplicate Pass Book Rs.25/- for 1st Page &
Rs.15/- Per Page thereafter.
c Issue of Duplicate Bank Statement (if required) Rs.10/- Per Folio.
d1 Issue of Loose Cheque Leaves Rs.10/- Per Leaf.
d2 Issue of Cheque Book Rs.2.00 per cheque leaf and 50 leaf free in the year.
e Additional Cheque Book Rs.2.00 Per Cheque leaf.
f Charges for Account Closure Within 6 months of opening :
Above 6 months of opening :
g Charges for Unused Cheques at the time
of closure of A/c. Rs.2.00 Per Cheque leaf.
(If we are not charging Chq. Book Chgs
for SB A/c.'s ) / Cancellation of Mutilated
h Cheque Return Charges :
i) Inward Clearing RS. 75/- + Rs.2.25 Per Thousand or Part Thereof.
ii) Outward Clearing Rs.75/- Per Instrument.
iii) Electronic Clearing Debit Return ( ECS ) Rs.75/- + Rs.2.25 Per Thousand or part thereof.
iv) Outward Clearing Return delivery Charges Actual Registered AD Charges.
I Stop Payment Charges Rs.25/- Per Instrument.
(Cheque Return Charges to be taken, if cheque presented for payment)
j Changes in operational instruction Nil.
( In all Deposit Accounts)

(*) The above charges are exclusive of new Goods & Service Tax (GST), Presently @ 18.00 %* of Service charges. *GST are subject to change, as per Government notification from time to time.
The above charges are not applicable to individual Staff Members or a retired staff member, who retired on superannuation only & in case of joint Account of staff member/s, where staff name appeared as first name only.
Special Scheme : Current Accounts shall be classified as Gold & Platinum based on Average Credit Balance matained therein for a minimum period of 6 Months and thereafter as under :
a) Average Credit Balance of Rs. 50,000/- and above and below Rs. 5,00,000/- shall be classified as Gold Account. : 50% Discount in the above charges.
b) Average Credit Balance of Rs. 5,00,000/- and above shall be classified as Platinum Account. : No Charges applicable at all.
For the above facility, Initially charges will be debited as per Service charges manual. Subsiquent Credit ( Net of GST), if applicable will be given after each six month period for Jan-June & July-Dec period, based on Average Credit Balance as above.